Preparing Your Quilt

To ensure the highest quality finish:

  • Quilt to be clean with seams pressed (checking for any seams that need to be re-stitched).
  • Backing fabric should be at least 4" longer in every direction than the quilt top. It should be clean and ironed.
  • Loose threads (especially dark colours) should be clipped.
  • Don't baste or pin the quilt together.
  • If your quilt is directional, please pin a note to indicate which is the top end of the quilt. Do the same for the backing material.
  • Be mindful of your choice of backing material with regard to thread colour being visible on the back of the quilt. This may be desirable for you - or it may not.

Any irregularities (such as a pucker in the fabric) in your quilt may affect the look of the finished product. I will make every effort to minimize the effect, but cannot guarantee to remove or hide them.