Artisan Quilting - Pricelist

From 2013

All prices include GST
Edge to Edgefrom $3.50 sq. ft
Customfrom $7.00 sq. ft
NuWool wadding can be supplied at an additional cost.
Choose from variety of threads starting from $5.
Cash or cheque only.


Edge to Edge: a 4" to 6" high row of a pattern of your choice. The rows are repeated one after the other until the quilt is covered.
Custom: free hand, computer guided or combinations of the other quilting styles, endless possibilities limited only by the imagination.
Circles: concentric circles as opposed to arcs used when doing Baptist Fans.
Stitch in the ditch: following the seams of the individual blocks.
Cross Hatching: variations on parallel lines intersecting in a cross hatch pattern.